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As a result of significant work on the part of project partners and contributors, video compilations were produced through a process that involved archiving video testimonials produced over the last thirty years. Traditional video formats as well as stories captured on mobile and online media were included. The excerpts, chosen during screenings held by working committees, were selected according to several criteria (language, diversity, year of production, testimonial types, themes and content, etc.). Their distribution on DVD is designed to support training initiatives, educational activities, and to raise awareness.

VIHsibilité compilations

The VIHsibilité (2000-2012) compilation features testimonials by people living with HIV/AIDS from Quebec and Canadian productions between 2000 and 2012. It is the companion volume to an earlier compilation produced in 2009, VIHsibilité I (1985-2000), a collection of testimonials from videos and films produced between 1985 and 2000. These compilations convey hope, raise issues with regards to sexuality and access to treatment, and serve to decry the criminalization of the non-disclosure of HIV-positive status. They provide insights with regards to a stigmatized identity, prevention and awareness strategies, community struggles, and the creative process. They also shed light on activism, collective mobilization, and the courage it takes to give a testimonial about living with HIV on a daily basis.

Excerpts from the following films and videos are included in the VIHsibilité (2000-2012) compilation:

  • Turning 20. Kim Simard & Jessica Mayne, 2008. Montréal : AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM), 40 min.
  • Moments de VIH. Mouvement d’aide et d’information Sida [MAINS] Bas Saint-Laurent, 2006. Rimouski, 16 min 26 sec.
  • Inside Lara Roxx. Mia Dononvan, 2011. Montréal : Eye Steel Film, 77 min.
  • Des gens comme nous. Centre de ressources Une Vie, 2010. Montréal, 6 min 56 sec.
  • General Idea: Art, AIDS and the Fin de Siècle. Annette Mangaard, 2008. Toronto : CFMDC, 47 min 50 sec.
  • The Cuerrier Decision. Jim Lemoire, 2003. Toronto : V Tape, 11 min 30 sec.
  • HIV Rollercoaster. Paul Lang, 2001. Vancouver : V Tape, 27 min.
  • Femmes et séropositives : Dénonçons l’injustice. Alison Duke, 2012. Toronto : Réseau juridique canadien VIH/sida & Goldëlox Productions, 45 min.
  • Elisa +. Shayo Detchema, 2009. Montréal : Prise Positive & Groupe Intervention Vidéo, 11 min 50 sec.
  • Fig Trees. John Greyson, 2009. Toronto : Greyzone, 104 min.
  • Crash Course: Canadian Teens in Zambia. Jim Lemoire & Rebecca Levere, 2005. Toronto : V Tape, 45 min.
  • The Bicycle: Fighting AIDS with Community Medicine. Katerina Cizek, 2006. Montréal : ONF, 16 min 30 sec.
  • Il suffirait. Myriam Tremblay Sher, 2009. Montréal, 18 min.
  • I am AIDS. Vincent Chevalier, 2007. Montréal : Performance at Concordia Community HIV/AIDS Lecture Series, 5 min 40 sec.
  • So … When Did You Figure Out That You Had AIDS? Vincent Chevalier, 2010. Toronto, 5 min 35 sec.
  • The Woman I Have Become. Alison Duke, 2008. Toronto : Women’s Health in Women’s Hands / Goldëlox Productions, 60 min.
  • Brisons le silence. Martin Mailloux & Comité Lipo-Action, 2005. Montréal, 7 min.

Sex Work compilation

Bringing together excerpts from videos and films produced in Quebec and Canada between 1981 and 2011, this compilation illustrates different ways in which testimonials have been used and aims to give sex workers a voice in deconstructing prejudices and stereotypes. Using mass media, digital platforms, and artistic expression, these testimonials deliver crucial messages on range of issues: prejudice; working conditions; links between sex work, intimacy, and motherhood; and experiences with the movement to abolish sex work. Even as discrimination, stigmatization, and criminalization are discussed, uniting and mobilizing sex workers and finding the courage to tell one’s story remain the focus.

Excerpts from the following films and videos are included in the Sex Work compilation:

  • Juliette. Chantale Pagé, 2006. Montréal : Vidéo Paradiso, 3 min.
  • Sex Workers’ Rights: A Public Service Announcement. Rachel Malek, 2010. Vancouver : First feminists advocating for rights and equality for sex workers, 1 min 49 sec.
  • Rue Sherbrooke Est. François Methé, 2009. Montréal : Urbania. 1 min 02 sec.
  • Love at the Twilight Motel. Alison Rose, 2009. Toronto : Inigo & ONF, 82 min 30 sec.
  • Hookers on Davie. Janis Cole and Holly Dale, 1984. Toronto : Spectrum Films, Distribution CFMDC, 88 min.
  • Inside Boystown. Louise Walker, 2002. Vancouver : Poignant Productions, 47 min.
  • Tokyo Girls. Penelope Buitenhuis, 2000. Toronto, ONF, 57 min 08 sec.
  • Je sais pas si vous êtes comme moi. Véro Leduc, 2006. Montréal/Paris, 13 min, 16 sec.
  • Men for Sale. Rodrigue Jean, 2008. Montréal : ONF, 143 min.
  • Avenue Zéro. Hélène Choquette, 2010. Montréal / Vancouver : Distribution ONF, 52 min.
  • A Sex Worker Reply. Amy Lebovitch, 2011. Toronto, 7 min 02 sec.
  • Every Ho I Know Says So. Lusty Day, 2010. Toronto, 9 min 30 sec.
  • Business of Sex. Robert Duncan, 2006. Vancouver : Doc TV, 44 min 41 sec.
  • Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography. Bonnie Sherr Klein, 1981. Montréal : ONF. 68 min 40 sec.
  • Le sexe autour du monde : Suède. Mélanie Dion, 2011. Montréal/Stockholm : Eureka! Productions, TV5 & HG Gagnon, 52 min.
  • Exxxpressions. Mirha-Soleil Ross, 2005. Montréal : Stella, 15 min.
  • Pute Politik. Stéphane Lahoud et Véro Leduc, 2006. Montréal/Paris, 6 min 30 sec.

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