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Seminar ”Supporting Individuals who Deliver Public Testimonials”

What Tools are Needed?

Testimonial Cultures invited you to a seminar, on January 26, 2017 from 2 to 4 pm, in room DS8310 at UQAM. This seminar addressed the following question: How can we create educational tools that can meet both the needs of people who deliver testimonials and those who support them in that process?

It brought together researchers, social workers and students, in order to deepen their reflection on the tools needed to properly support marginalized individuals who deliver public testimonials about their experiences.

This seminar was co-facilitated by Marie-Ève Gauvin and Maude Ménard-Dunn, two social workers that teach at the CÉGEP de Lanaudière in Terrebonne.

The seminar was open to the general public and was held in French.

You missed the seminar? Check out the Powerpoint Presentation!