The Project


Témoigner pour Agir was an art exhibition that presented the testimonial cultures of sexual and gender communities at the Maison de la culture Frontenac in Montreal, from November 29th, 2017, to January 21st, 2018. With this exhibition, there was the opportunity to discover the stories of people self-identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, intersex, and of persons living with HIV or that have sex work experience.

As a result of partnerships between communities and the academic milieu, Témoigner pour Agir has developped an ethical discourse that highlights the aesthetic, historical and political issues, and challenges, that arise when testimonials about sexuality, body and gender expression, sex work and HIV-positive status are delivered publicly.

The artworks, from both professional artists and community art projects, presented narratives that are intimate and contemporary, which reflect a collective struggle and a call for solidarity.

The community partners of the exhibition are:

Exhibition Objectives

Témoigner pour Agir aimed to bring about a dialogue, in a public space, that promotes empowerment, meaningful participation and social justice for sexual and gender communities. This exhibition was also a unique opportunity to activate such a dialogue in a public and multidisciplinary gallery, whose primary mission is the accessibility to culture for all.

The project objectives were to:

  1. Sensitize publics by making known the plurality of sexual and gender communities' experiences and stories (individual and collective);
  2. Bring together scientific, artistic and community expertise and knowledge, as well as common perceptions acquired by the public; ;
  3. Create an ethical discourse highlighting the aesthetic, historical and political issues, and challenges, generated from artistic testimonial about sex, gender, work, the body, and HIV-status;
  4. Support the social integration of sexual and gender communities by contributing to the establishment of an environment which is conducive to personal disclosure as well as to improving their overall quality of life.


"Through the strength of testimonials, our experiences, our expertise, our differences, our voices change the world."


  • testimonial
  • sexualities
  • activism
  • media


  • undo prejudices
  • share realities
  • claim rights


This project targeted diverse audiences: researchers, practitioners et social workers, community groups members, artists, students, those identifying themselves as belonging to a sexual or gender community, and the general public including the regular visitors of the Maison de la culture Frontenac and the Bibliothèque Frontenac.

For a genuinely collective participation at conferences and activities, translation services in English-French and interpretation services in Quebec Sign Language (LSQ) were available.


The exhibition catalogue contains exclusive testimonials written by the artists and by the exhibition's co-curators. Here are the link to access the catalogue in pdf: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.

Final exhibition report

After Témoigner pour Agir, the Testimonial cultures team collected the details of the activity into a report that you can consult by clicking here (french version only).

Study on the exhibition's impacts

After the Témoigner pour Agir exhibition, the Testimonial cultures team conducted a study on the impacts of this exhibition. The reasearch report that has been produced focuses on the evaluation of the reception of an exhibition of artistic testimonials, in order to determine its potential of intervention against discrimination and stigmatization of sexual and gender communities. Click here to consult the report (in french only).